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Step 1: Knowing What You Need To Do Before You Start Makes The BIGGEST Difference...


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Do You Know The Answer To Your Buyer's First BIG Question?

Before selling your business you need to be very clear about one thing... why you're selling. And the reason you need to have thought this through is that this is going to be one of the BIG questions a potential buyer will ask you when they meet you. When you're clear in on your own mind you'll be able to explain your motivations much more succinctly. This will increase a buyer's confidence and ultimately may even help achieve a better sale price.

Is The Team On Board?

Getting your management team and key players onboard before you go to market, so you maximise operating results, is the best way to increase your valuation before you sell. In rough terms your team's ability to continue to deliver on the strategic plan you've been working to, is worth at least a third of the company's value when a buyer is looking at the deal. It's also worth noting that KEY employees are rarely at risk when a business is sold. In fact most buyers will pay a premium to keep a team together that has delivered results previously. So when a management team actively get involved in the presentation of the business to a buyer, it often increases the attractiveness of the deal and strengthens the valuation.

7 Things You Can Do To Get Ready For Sale...

Leading financial sources suggest that nearly 75% of businesses are never sold when a business owner finishes running the business. This is a pretty sad statistic and one that at Financial Power we’re keen to reduce.

But it’s even more disappointing when you see businesses sold for way under their market value because business owners don’t know the right steps to take before putting their business on the market.

Here are 7 things you should watch out for to ensure your business is ready for sale when you put it under a buyer’s nose... Read More...

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