About Us

Financial Power was created to fill the gap left by the lack of specialist support available to business owners looking to exit their business in the non-listed private sector.

Meet Our Management Team

The team that supports the Financial Power network of clients has years of experience working with private sector businesses helping them to formulate their plans and achieve their exit potential.

  • Trevor Wilson

    “To quote Peter Drucker I believe you need to start your exit “with the end in mind”. Applying a proven plan to get there is the other essential ingredient.”

  • Bevan Metcalf

    “Knowing when and how you will sell your business can help you think about what you need to do (and by when) to maximise your business’ value.”

  • Peter Allen

    “Running a small business can be a difficult and sometimes stressful activity. Making the most of your exit is every business owner’s right.”

  • Catherine Wilson

    “Most SME businesses suffer from not having a strategic step by step exit plan that is easy to understand and follow. Financial Power is the fix for that.”

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